Sweet Bones Company

Sweet Bones is a vegan café and bakery in Braddon, Canberra, Australia. Owners Emily and Russell Brindley have a passion for no frills whole foods. The café has a rustic, rock’n’roll feeing with a friendly local vibe. The food is inventive, cruelty free and most of all delicious. We source as much local and organic ingredients as possible and most items can be made gluten free.

Due to how busy it can get, we don’t take reservations. There is also a 10% surcharge on Sunday which goes directly to our staff.

Smoothies $8.50


Kale, banana, apple juice and flax seed oil


Acai, banana, strawberry and apple juice

The Elvis contains nuts

Peanut butter, chocolate, banana, coconut whip and soy milk

The Jail Break

Young coconut water, blueberries, banana, maca powder and protein powder

Cashew Smoothie

Cashew milk, banana, strawberries and greens

Fit Sistas Smoothie

Strawberries, banana, apple juice and flax seed oil

Go Mango

Mango, banana, coconut water and coconut cream

Bowls $16

Smoothie Bowl

Your choice of smoothie turned into a bowl, topped with Eileen’s granola and seasonal fruit

Acai Bowl

Brazillian acai smoothie made from banana, mango, strawberries and apple juice then topped with Eileen’s granola and seasonal fruit

Juices $8.50


Carrot, apple, lemon, ginger and beetroot


Cucumber, apple, parsley and lime

Mean Green

Kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, green apple and lemon

Add On’s

Protein Powder $2 Sun Warrior Brown Rice Protein

Spirulina $1 high protein, nutrient-dense, ideal anti-aging food and immune booster

Maca Powder $1 increases energy levels, natural hormone balancing agent, supports endocrine health, helps to reduce stress and elevate mood, repairs adrenal glands

Coconut Water $1 full of electrolytes to help aid in hydration

Flax Seed Oil $.50 full of Omega 3’s promotes healthy skin, hair and nails, also great for brain function

Kale $1 high in iron, anti-inflammatory, high in Vitamin A, K, & C, high in calcium filled with antioxidants, and is great for cardiovascular support

Cayenne Pepper $.50 helps break down mucus, increases metabolism, keeps the flu and cold away

Garlic $.50 add to your juice to help build your immune system

Almond Milk $2 great alternative to soy milk, adding a nutty flavour

Granola $2 make your smoothie a meal

Peanut Butter $1 add for extra protein and flavour

Espresso shot $.50 get yourself that extra buzz

Drinking Coconut $6